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Master Class Offerings

Learning with Bodyography students and professionals alike will receive direct hands-on training from the best of the best! All of our training is fully extensive and our staff consists of artistic working professionals. Our curriculum provides students with practical, real world skills in an academic format, created to maximize the learning process. We are dedicated to providing education in the craft of makeup artistry, as well as related fields that are specific to the needs of both beginners and highly skilled artists alike!

Contact our Creative Director Lori (Lori@robanda.com) to schedule classes or inquire about more information.

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We are excited to announce the opening of ProRituals Salon & Academy featuring Bodyography Professional Cosmetics located in La Jolla, California. This location is equipped with a full makeup counter complete with the  Bodyography Master and Self Service Displays. Individualized makeup appointments are available as well as classes for those interested in starting or maintaining their career as a makeup artist! Please contact Lori Leib at Lori@robanda.com 6 weeks in advance.

Located at: 7443 Girard Avenue, La Jolla, CA, 92037



Beauty Makeup (intermediate)
Bridal Beauty (intermediate)
Contouring and Highlighting (advanced)
Creating the Perfect Canvas with Mineral Makeup (beginner/intermediate)
The Perfect Pout (beginner/intermediate)
Eyebrow Grooming (intermediate)
Eyelash Application (intermediate)
Prom and Teen Beauty (intermediate)
Put Your Brush Into It (intermediate/advanced)
Red Carpet Makeup (advanced)
Skin Care and Men’s Grooming (beginner/intermediate)
The Many Faces of Beauty (intermediate)

*Bodyography offers makeup kits and brush kits.

*Product Knowledge class is introduced into each of these artistry formats to teach the features and benefits of Bodyography Cosmetics as a color treatment line.

Put Your Brush Into It

Makeup brushes and tools are a must for every professional. Achieving a flawless face isn’t just about the makeup, but how it is applied. Each brush has its very own function and having the right tools can help to achieve your goals more precisely and effectively. Makeup brushes and tools have a tendency of being under estimated by many. However, having the right brushes and tools and knowing what to do with them is essential. As part of our classes and workshops, we give students precise knowledge about the appropriate brushes and tools to use and the function of each of them.

Beauty Makeup:

Mastering the art of beauty makeup is the foundation of any great artist. Proper blending, contouring, highlighting, along with color selection are extremely important elements used in all areas of makeup artistry. This course is designed to teach specific techniques, giving students an understanding of proper makeup application, while being able to enhance each feature of the face. Beauty makeup is necessary in many if not all areas of the makeup industry, including film, high-definition TV, print photography, advertising, and retail cosmetics.

Bridal Beauty:

Every bride not only wants, but deserves to look absolute best on her wedding day. It is important to choose the right makeup look, properly prep the skin and use appropriate colors based on the brides wants and desires. This course is designed to teach proper makeup application for brides in every setting, every skin color and type.

Contouring and Highlighting:

Learning to contour and highlight will allow students to bring out features of the face. This course is designed to teach different approaches in defining features by using foundations, concealers and powders that are suitable for different skin tones. This skill set is used in beauty, fashion, film, TV, print and bridal.

Creating the Perfect Canvas with Mineral Makeup:

Great as a beginner’s course! Learn step-by-step the basics in good skincare and how to prep the skin with a few simples star products from Bodyography’s core line and achieve a radiant, natural glow with Oxyplex mineral makeup for a polished finish to perfect the skin you’re in!

The Perfect Pout:

This course is designed to teach unique lip enhancement techniques. Students are taught how to choose lip colors that are suitable for a variety settings. Knowing what colors are better suited for specific skin tones, makeup looks and lip shapes, is essential to creating a flawless look.

Eyebrow Grooming:

The brow is frame of the face; give them the respect they deserve! This course is designed to teach the art of brow grooming. Well-groomed and defined brows are essential, and can be very effective when creating a variety of looks. The creation and maintenance of a perfect brow shape can be a key element for film, TV, print and everyday life.

Eyelash Application:

The application of flash lashes has been a popular enhancement for many years. At its height of popularity, it is now requested more than ever. It is important to know the proper technique(s) when applying lashes. This class is designed to teach application styles, while learning how to choose the appropriate shapes and styles for a variety of looks and eye shapes. Whomever you may be applying lashes to, knowing what styles, lengths, shapes and sizes are suitable is of the up most importance.

Prom and Teen Beauty:

Young adults often experiment with makeup, with a keen interest in vibrant colors, mainly with iridescent values and sparkle. Learning the theory “less is more,” keeping the skin fresh and youthful is of great importance. A great deal of focus will be put on apply suitable products, colors, and finishes, for young skin. This course is designed to teach correct skin care regimens and proper makeup application for teens.

Red Carpet Makeup:

Learn what’s hot in Hollywood! This class was developed by Bodyography artists and educators that work the red carpet! See how to achieve staying power for makeup that lasts all evening with our secret glam tricks. We define what is fresh and in style, season by season to teach the latest and greatest color trends and star quality beauty as seen by the shining faces in Hollywood.

Skin Care and Men’s Grooming:

Taking proper care of the skin by creating a daily skin care regimen is important and will provide an amazing canvas when wearing makeup. In this course you will gain extensive knowledge into the science of the skin, different skin types, product knowledge, and skin prepping for makeup.

The Many Faces of Beauty:

Applying makeup on women of any color requires extensive product knowledge, along with understanding the differences in undertones. This course is designed to teach students skin analysis, color theory, and technique that are required when applying makeup to women of every ethnicity. Understand different skin types, color selection and application methods, are fundamental for film and print and everyday life.

*Product Knowledge:

Incorporated into all of the above class formats! Using the right products and makeup tools can determine the overall outcome of any makeup application. This course is designed to offer extensive Bodyography product knowledge, examining both good skin care and core line/mineral line items. There will be an understanding of what products are suitable for different looks and skin types when applying makeup for every occasion. By the end of this course, students will have gained advanced Bodyography knowledge, while having the understanding to be able to recommend products.