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Created for the professional artist in all of us, BodyographyPRO offers professional beauty accessories you won't be able to live without. Introducing The Brush Off, Face It, and To The Point, three specially formulated and designed products that will make your life as an artist as easy as possible! Cleanse, tone and remove makeup with Face It, sanitize and preserve your brushes with The Brush Off, and sanitize and sharpen your pencils with To The Point, seen on The Today Show! This category will continue to grow as you grow as an artist.

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  • Cleansing and Soothing Wipes

    FACE IT Cleansing and Soothing Wipes

    A quick and easy way to not only remove makeup but to also cleanse and refresh the skin! Our multi-purpose wipes remove dirt and oil from your skin while soothing and conditioning your skin.
  • Makeup Brush Cleanser

    THE BRUSH OFF Brush Cleanser

    A pleasant way to quickly cleanse and disinfect your artistry brushes, made from natural orange peel and gentle cleansers to get the job done and satisfy your senses.
  • Anti-Bacterial Pencil Sharpener

    TO THE POINT Anti-Bacterial Pencil Sharpener

    Our pencil sharpener includes an anti-bacterial polymer to help prevent contamination between product uses. German made stainless steel blade.
  • Artistry Kit

    Artistry Kit

    This kit was designed by makeup artists for the makeup artist containing everything you need to kick start your career and produce stunning work for all occasions from bridal to runway.
  • Student Kit

    Student Kit

    The Bodyography Student Kit is the perfect platform to begin your career in the beauty industry. The Student Kit contains 38 essential products including a gorgeous silver train case and the brand new BodyographyPro Warm Palette.
  • Mixing Palette

    Mixing Palette

    Bodyography’s sleek stainless steel mixing palette is a must have for any Makeup Professional.
  • Spatula


    Bodyography’s sleek stainless spatula is a must have for any Makeup Professional.
  • Disposable Applicator Kit

    Disposable Applicator Kit

    This high quality kit of disposable makeup applicators contains all the tools necessary to create any makeup look. Eliminate cross contamination in your kit, or keep on hand for customers to test products from displays.

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